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Juno Grill and Fireplace.


Malan Industries is located in Huntsville Alabama, owner of different patents and trademarks started doing business in 2009. We have our own production facility where we develop and fabricate our unique product range.

Juno Grills currently sets the trend of quality and new design of built-in grills and fireplaces.


Juno Built-in and Freestanding units.

  • Only A grade steel is used in our fireboxes, which ensure a long lasting product and peace of mind.

  • Most of our grills are fitted with an ember maker for the quick and easy making of ember, which allows grilling within minutes. The ember maker concept is a feature designed to make grilling an easy task. It provides you with a continuous flow of embers and have the enjoyment of a fire for the full duration of your grilling process.

  • Benefits of the Juno grill is that it enables one to do conventional grilling, baking, preparing meals and even, smoke meat or fish.

  • You can also use your Juno grill unit as a fireplace to heat your entertainment area.

  • All Built-in models have a top door as well as a bottom door that serves as a convenient table or worktop.

  • Freestanding units have a bottom door that can be used as a worktop.

  • All grills feature height adjustable grates.


Juno range:

  • Our Built-in Fireplaces are available in four different sizes 33”, 40”, 48” and 60” wide. The Freestanding unit is 42” wide.



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